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We have a limited supply of radios available for purchase. These models were installed in the Pontiac F Body Cars from 1979-1981. Including the 10th Anniversary, 1980 & 1981 Trans Am pace cars. We do take core radios for credit toward any purchase or repair. Ask for details.
1979 Model ETR
GM 2700
The 1979 model has 6 control knobs, AM FM selector switch, tone control, fader, volume, tune and 8 track selector as well as D L for radio reception. The radio pictured has red display and is correct for the 10th Anniversary Trans Am.
1980 Model ETR
GM 2700
In 1980 the major difference was the introduction of the cassette tape player. 4 control knobs and 1 push button switche control AM FM, tone, volume, fader and tuning.
1981 Model ETR
GM 2700
The 1981 model received new amplifier electronics. Most notably separate bass & treble controls. The cassette has been upgraded with auto reverse and has 3 separate control buttons, REW, FF, Eject.
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